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  • Back up your data in the Cloud

    Great Movers Limited – Authorized Carbonite Partner Great Movers Ltd is an authorized Carbonite localLearn More

  • Defining Your Brand

    Branded Conference Books/Writing Pads Personalized Company Writing Pads are a great way to add credibilityLearn More

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    Customised High Standard Marketing Materials Branded Biros These are supreme pens that help to sell your buLearn More

  • Your Branding & Printing Partner

    Corporate Branding (T-shirt/Shirts) Great Movers realized that our clients demand more that online marketinLearn More

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    Powerful, valuable, affordable products ensure businesses are always in business. Hybrid local & cloud backup for files, databases, and live applications. Call for details: +254722620920.

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    Automatic, affordable cloud backup solutions keep unlimited photos, music and home office files secure for families and home-based professionals looking to protect individual computers.

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Happy Customers

  • Ngigi & Partners


    Ngigi & Partners

    If you accidentally remove a file from your computer, it will remain on our servers for 30 days, giving you the opportunity to restore it. Just like that is not enough, if a file is corrupt, you can revert back to an older version. Carbonite save’s up to 90 days worth of previous versions. I couldn’t find such an amazing solution until Great Movers installed Carbonite in our offices.

  • parker&randal


    Parker Randall Easter Africa

    Just like all other audit firms, our client work is done on-the-go or from client locations, which means that we need our files on-hand and thus higher risk of losing our data. With this solution it will allow us to retrieve  backed up files anywhere from any Internet-connected device and this is very awesome.
    Great Movers is very key on implementation of administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and sharing of our data at our convenience. We are happy to have moved from one level of success to greater success.

  • backUP


    Finance Manager (NGO)

    “My Laptop was stolen at gun point while at Nanyuki town in Laikipia County, Kenya and I lost all my data in my laptop including all the proposals I had done in relation to fundraising. I had to start it all over again. With carbonite and Great Movers as my account manager, I have nothing to worry about my data”.

  • Florence

    Great Movers - Marketing Executive

    I go to my customers advising them on Online marketing through Great movers Ltd but when they see my branded T/shirts or shirts, they insist that I should also procure for them their company’s branded T-shirts. My sales have doubled over the years as one sale ends up being two sales and quality has been the secret.

  • valley church


    Associate Pastor - Valley Bible Church

    “I never thought I needed online backup because I backed up files to an external hard drive, but boy was I wrong.”

  • graph


    Weru Consultants

    “This is an insurance to my data and I don’t need to worry of what would happen if I lose my data when I travel form one country to another”

  • Netpaq



    One of our customers had a backup program that they thought was working well. Then, when their hard drive crashed, they found out that it wasn’t backing up anything for months. This was very unbelievable a total mess and we had to reconstruct their data from scratch. Since Great Movers installed Carbonite Cloud data backup solution, the management have nothing to worry about the safety of their data as all the company information is being backed up automatically as transactions are being posted by staff.

  • backUP


    Business Development Manager - Green verse

    “I have realized that there’s something magical behind the effectiveness of Kaspersky Anti-Virus: it contains advanced technology and complex programming that is able to outwit even the most persistent malware threats. Buying Kaspersky from Great Movers Ltd was the best decision I made.

  • great movers


    Great Movers - Managing Director

    “Launching my fantastic web site was the best thing I did to my business, allowing me to expand my clientele to a much larger audience. My web site is visible in almost every country around the globe, and that means you expand your potential client base by millions. You’ll still want to keep your target market in mind, but an international audience may still find you appealing.”

  • bottomline


    The Bottom Line Accounting Service

    “I had a backup program that I thought was working. Then, when my hard drive crashed, I found out that it hadn’t backed up anything for months. It made me sick to my stomach to think of all that client data that could have been lost”.

  • online marketing


    Branch Accountant (NGO)

    “Cloud data backup is a real alternative to local backups in place of the traditional technique of storing backups on an external hard drive. You don’t need any extra hardware and once it’s been set up, the system can automatically backup the data as you work.”